Tungsten, Nickel and Iron Alloys

Tungsten, Nickel and Iron Alloys (HD17D, HD17.5, HD18D, HD18.5)

Although tungsten, nickel and iron alloys are the most common alloys in the heavy metals industry, we’re sure you’ll find Mi-Tech Metals’ offerings provide uncommon value.

We offer several tungsten, nickel and iron alloys, comprised of different amounts of the various metals. For detailed information on the composition of our HD17D, HD17.5, HD18D and HD18.5 products, refer to the high-density alloys properties chart. Each alloy is manufactured using Mi-Tech Metals’ strict quality measures, guaranteeing a consistent, reliable material.

High-Density Tungsten Alloy Products
Material Chemistry Density Hardness
HD17 W,Ni,Cu 17 24
HD17BB W,Ni,Cu/Fe 17 24
HD17D W,Ni,Fe 17 25
HD17.5 W,Ni,Fe 17.5 26
HD17.7 W,Ni,Fe,Mo 17.7 30
HD18 W,Ni,Cu 18 27
HD18D W,Ni,Fe 18 27
HD18.5 W,Ni,Fe 18.5 28

ISO 9001:2008 Registered AS 9100
Made in the USA with Pride.