Tungsten, Nickel and Copper/Iron Blend Alloys

Tungsten, Nickel and Copper/Iron Alloy (HD17BB)

Originally developed for boring bar applications, Mi-Tech Metals’ HD17BB provides the benefits of both iron and copper. While still an excellent choice for tooling, it is also recognized as a cost-effective alternative to traditional tungsten, nickel, and iron alloys. HD17BB meets the requirements for AMS-7725, AMS-T-21014, MIL-T-21014D, as well as the current ASTM-777-07 Class 1 specifications.

For detailed information on the unique strengths of our tungsten, nickel, and copper/iron alloy material, refer to the high-density alloys properties chart. If you’d like more information on how HD17BB might be able to help you cut costs without sacrificing quality, contact a Mi-Tech Metals professional today.

High-Density Tungsten Alloy Products
Material Chemistry Density Hardness
HD17 W,Ni,Cu 17 24
HD17BB W,Ni,Cu/Fe 17 24
HD17D W,Ni,Fe 17 25
HD17.5 W,Ni,Fe 17.5 26
HD17.7 W,Ni,Fe,Mo 17.7 30
HD18 W,Ni,Cu 18 27
HD18D W,Ni,Fe 18 27
HD18.5 W,Ni,Fe 18.5 28

ISO 9001:2008 Registered AS 9100
Made in the USA with Pride.